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The University of Vermont Medical Center Adopts Individual Anemia Management Technology - PhySoft AMS™

The UVM Medical Center in Burlington, Vermont, which has a history of exploring "personalized medicine" to tailor treatments using genetics, has entered into an agreement to utilize PhySoft AMS™ to offer their ESRD patients anemia management based upon each patient's unique physiology.

Physician Software Systems announced that The UVM Medical Center has licensed PhySoft AMS™, giving them the ability to determine optimum ESA dosing for each patient based upon the person's unique ESA-response. The technology replaces generalized ESA protocols to better manage Hgb Cycling.

The UVM Medical Center provides dialysis treatment to 270 patients across six facilities. It has embraced PhySoft AMS™ in an effort to improve the quality of life for its ESRD patients. The anemia management technology is used to model each patient's ESA-response and provide clinicians with optimum dosing regimens based on the patients unique physiology.

Individualized anemia management from Physician software Systems provides the logical next step to better control Hgb Cycling that more than 90% of ESRD patients experience. The elimination of dosing protocol dependence will also help The UVM Medical Center control the drug expense and waste associated with protocol-based dosing adjustments. Individualized anemia management is capable of delivering a significant reduction in ESA expense, while stabilizing patient Hgb levels.

Like all nationally recognized health care providers, The UVM Medical Center is constantly striving to reach new levels of quality patient care. Individualized anemia management from Physician Software Systems provides the logical next step in improved patient care.

About PhySoft AMS™

The Physician Software Systems Anemia Management System™ was created in cooperation with Mayo Clinic. Mayo Clinic's top-rated Nephrology department developed the underlying technology to better manage hemoglobin levels across its dialysis network. The system analyzes patient dosing history and Hgb labs to model each patient's response to ESAs. PhySoft AMS™ then recommends a number of optimum dosing regimens for each obtainable Hgb target. The physician then chooses the appropriate Hgb target for his or her patient. The system assists Mayo Clinic and other organizations to provide treatment based upon optimum dosing regimens - better managing Hgb Cycling, while reducing costs.


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